Computers and programming have fascinated me ever since my very first computer class in junior high. Constructing something completely from imagination, free through creativity and controlled with logic, computer programming was unlike any other subject in school.

In high school I learned how to develop desktop applications using higher level programming languages: Turbo Pascal and C. On my own time I taught myself HTML, JavaScript, Flash, and basic graphics editing. Then I took my education to the next level in college, first at the University of Texas in Austin and then at Oklahoma State University. While earning my bachelors degree in Computer Science, I learned the higher level theory and practices of computer programming, languages, logic, and structures. Meanwhile, I supported myself through internships and part time jobs in professional web development, learning Perl, MySQL, PHP, DHTML, and deeper JavaScript and HTML development. My expertice now also includes CSS, ASP, VBScript, W3C standards, SEO best practices, Flash/ActionScript, and even more as I expand my knowledge and experience in growing web technologies.

For me, Web Development is similar to all computer programming, in that one must be inventive and analytical. However, Web Development requires a higher level of creativity and artistry. It's that combination of the left and right, the balance in mind, that drives me.